Monday, April 13, 2009

don't kill the kids

Ahhhh today was totally a Monday. Ava had a case of not listening...all day. Rhys doesn't want to be crabby, you can tell. He will smile, even try to laugh, then suddenly be screaming. This started last night. Not sure what his issue is, but we will see if it continues. It made for a very interesting day. Ava was in constant destruction mode, and I would be dealing with Rhys and look over and another section of the room had exploded. The table got covered in stickers, if that is any clue as to how the day went. I did manage to make dinner which was delicious, I might add. It was speed cooking and Ava "fed" Rhys a bottle while I chopped and all that. Mostly she just jammed it in his mouth but it worked for a little while.

Justin and I joined a gym on Saturday. Tonight was the first go. They have a nice childcare set up so we both went and put the kids in there. It was pretty full but didn't seem too crowded. Any way, I completed a fitness class. Fun stuff. I think I did fine, but now I am feeling sore. It will be nice tomorrow. Tomorrow is weigh in day #2. I am hoping tonight is sort of like my last chance work out, but since it was really my first work out in like 2 years, I am not expecting much. I can see a difference and fit into all of my old clothes, so nothing like progress to actually keep the motivation going. I am going to try to reach my goal by a wedding I am in this June. I am not sure what my goal is exactly. I think I will know when I get there, but for now I am not there, so I must keep going. Coherent? Not really.

We had a busy Easter. Lots of running around, but I think it went well. I am not sure yet if that is the cause of crazy Rhys. He didn't have much of a nap and he might need to work it out of his system. Maybe Ava just needed to work the sugar out of her system. She said, "The Easter bunny came to my house. I love him. He is really big. I wonder who is in there."

Target diapers suck. They keep falling off. Like actually just falling off. Just thought I would share.