Thursday, April 16, 2009

sometimes I wonder about myself

So I just posted like ten minutes ago. And now I thought of more to say. I thought I would keep it real and just start a new post, so then it won't look like I am completely random in my thoughts. Just because I am, doesn't mean I have to show it.

I am honestly starting to wonder when RHys will start sleeping through the night. Right now I would settle for cutting down to one feeding. I guess it is normally one, if you count the 5am or 6am one as in the morning and not during the night, even though he goes right back to sleep, as do I, so I count it as a night time feeding. I thought maybe it was just me, but I when I worked the overnight, he took bottles at those times too, so it is really just that he is hungry. This makes me sad.

I worked out again yesterday and now am so sore. I am not going today because...I just am not. I am going for sure Saturday morning so I will still get in my 3 visits in a week, so goal will be completed. I am somehow then expecting a 0 loss for this week, which makes no sense, but that is the hunch I have.

Another reason I am not going to the gym today. I have pink eye. AGAIN! It is always the bacterial one and doesn't appear to be contagious. I think I change too many diapers, that is all I can come up with. I will be out of contacts so early since I keep having to throw them out.

I went to Target to fill my prescription and Target ate my money. Just thought I would share.

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  1. 5 a.m. is morning...sorry to break it to you!! (But I feel your pain. Andrew got up at 4:30 every morning for almost 2 years. I thought I would die.)


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