Friday, August 31, 2012

new season, new colors

I am not as obsessed as others, but I do like a good nail polish color and I do like variety.  I have a hard time just doing the same color over and over.  All in all, it is still much cheaper to buy a new color when I am feeling the itch than to go get a manicure.

Well, if you'll notice while you are out and about, the fall lines have come out.  They are all so tempting.  Some are similar to a former color, but just a tiny bit different.  I really love the Essie nail polish colors.  They all just speak to me.  I haven't really seen many that I wouldn't love to own.  They also go on so thinly that it is much easier to get them all the way dry without smudges.  So... my recent aquisition and what I am currently wearing.

It is called "pilates hotttie".  It is actually from the yogaga collection.  I don't make up the names.

I took a picture of my nails but the color didn't come out right.  This is a much more accurate reflection of the color actually on my nails.  I have been a sucker for the non-shimmery grays and taupes lately.  Really can't get enough.  But there is a lovely dark burgundy color in the fall line.  

This summer I was given a little bit of crap about wearing a turquoise color on my nails.  She thought it was ugly. It looked great on the toes though.  Look at this!  I have been redeemed! That is my exact same color. The same color that got me started on the whole essie nail polish line, to be exact. 

And as a side note, I am in need of dress shoes to go with my dress clothes that I will have to wear to work. Weird that cheap dress shoes do fall apart after 10 years especially when the last 4 they have spent mostly hanging in a closet.  So I have seen these shoes at Target for a while and wanted them, but didn't need them. Now they are on clearance and all sold out!  It is a tragedy if minor proportions. So if you see them in a 6.5, buy them like you have found a great prize, rejoice in your win and give them to m.