Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Offered and accepted

It is official.  I am getting a new job. No really, I have a new job.  It just doesn't start for about 4 weeks.   I am moving on up. I have worked in the same position as a case manager in the emergency domestic violence shelter at my agency for the last 5 years.  I am now leaving that program (mostly, I am still going to be emergency back up) and moving over to the transitional housing program and will be the program coordinator.  It is still part time.  I pretty much get to make my own schedule and do some work from home.   The program is changing formats in January, but until then I will be working at the office while Rhys and Ava are in school school, a couple evenings a week, and Saturday mornings.  The job is kind of hard to describe.  I will still be doing case management with the clients in the program, managing the program's budget, and writing reports required for the grant.It is a lot more responsibility but I am really looking forward to it.