Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer is definitely over

I think we have had such a slow paced summer that it has been a real shock to the system to get back into the swing of things.   We haven't even started everything yet!  Ava has decided that she loves school.  She had to get her root canal yesterday and I had to pick her up early from school.  She was upset that she didn't get to stay the whole day. She doesn't even fight me quite as much as she used to with getting out the door.

Monday night we had curriculum night for Ava.  Her teacher seems really excited about this year.  It is clear that she really is committed to her job and loves her students.  Tuesday night we split up.  Justin took Ava to his Kidstown meeting (Sunday school program at church) and I took Rhys to the preschool orientation.  He was one of two kids there but he did ok.  He found out his teacher is Mrs. G.  We are going to meet her and pick up his bags tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I have been filling up my calendar with things that I need to get done for work.  I have two overnights left at my old job and then training the week of the 10th for my new job.  I am not working that many more hours than I have been, in fact less than I was just a couple months ago.  It is just split up so differently that it seems like a lot more.  I was wondering what I was going to do about a meeting I had during the day once a month.  It is only an hour so I didn't want to have to drive far.  A friend from church messaged me, not an hour later after telling Justin I had to figure something out, asking if we could trade babysitting services.  I will be watching her son on Wednesday mornings and she will watch Rhys during my meetings.

As you know, I struggled with Ava's Girl Scout leader and troop.  I found out today that her current troop is being disbanded and she is getting transferred to a new troop with a new leader.  The meeting times work out much better for our schedule and hopefully she will actually get to do some activities.  I am pretty sure this means I don't need to be a co-leader, but honestly that is fine.

On to dinner making and maybe some dishes.  Only three hours until bedtime and I am ready.