Monday, August 13, 2012

Ahhh, this is the life

We are three weeks into my new work schedule.  I am still definitely working.  I am sometimes going to be working more than before, sometimes less. I just have a different schedule.  It is lovely.  I am at home most evenings now during the week.  I feel definite pressure to make the most of this time.  I am not sure what all that means.  I just feel more motivated to get stuff done.  For example: this morning I got out of bed and started cleaning Ava's room.  I didn't even go downstairs first.  I had been half cleaning it all summer, to try to assist her in the overall cleaning of her room.  I just decided it would never really happen unless I did it all the way first and then she just had to maintain it.  Either way, it didn't even take an hour and it looks so much better.  The kid has a ton of big stuff.  She has a huge room and all the walls are occupied.  I wonder what our house would look like if my mind didn't think I had to line the walls with things and ventured out into the room with stuff.  Rhys' room is next on my attack list.  Once one space is all the way clean I really like to make the rest of the house match.  Believe it or not, I like having a clean house.  I like it to be neat and smell nice.  I just hate being the person to make that happen.

School starts in a week.  I have some last minute school supplies left to get and I need to label everything.  We drop it all off on Thursday, so I probably do actually need to go to the store soon.  I also have to strategically plan my trip to Costco for when I get paid on Friday.  I have to pack Ava a lunch everyday.  On pinterest there was a woman who made a different lunch and took pictures of it everyday and then posted them to give you ideas.  I don't know why this standard has even been suggested.  I don't think Ava likes that many  things.  Also, I am not going to do it.  I am just not!  Ava will be lucky if she gets something different every other day.  I have a feeling she will have close to the same thing Monday through Friday and I really don't think she is going to complain about it.  I just don't see what she will really eat that will make the effort of changing it up worth it. Do I get a thermos so I can send reheated mac and cheese?  Really, how much is there really to put in lunches?

With school starting I am definitely going to be home a lot more during the week.  I am sure that will mean I come up with more projects. It is hard to have playdates with kids.  Maybe it is time for Rhys to start going on playdates without Ava.  I am going to have to start figuring that out.  Maybe seek out his 3 year old buddies and see what they will be doing in the fall.  It is going to be so different having only one child during the day again.

In other news, I am only 9 books behind now in my reading goal.  I have a bunch of books on hold with the library but meanwhile I am kind of at a stand still.  I think I could catch up if I just found some good books that suck me in.  I was trying to read The White Queen.  I had read other books by the same author but it was killing me.  Probably because they were killing everybody in the book.  I might just have to go back to it out of boredom.