Monday, June 22, 2009

so much to do, so little time

I had this great idea that I would get things done around the house last week. I started off well. I even made my bed for three days in a row. That honestly just rarely happens. Then Ava ended up with serum sickness and the plan went away. It is so hard to get stuff done when your child is being needy. I am sure this is common sense, but I just had to state the obvious. We ended up in the hospital for a night which also threw everything off. Anyway, back on track, hopefully.

Rhys had his 6 month appointment on Friday. He is 17 lbs 12 oz., 25.5 inches long. 50th percentile weight, 20th height, and 95th for head circ. Overall, healthy and good. No teeth to be seen. He has mastered rolling around the livingroom to get into everything. If he is sitting on my leg he can pull himself up onto something else and is a big fan of standing holding just one hand. This morning he had a toy that was too far in front of him to just reach out and grab so he figured out that he could scooch himself forward by putting one elbow out and pulling and then doing it again with the other one. It took him about a minute to go 6 inches but he got his toy. I have a feeling that now that he has figured this move out he will just get faster. Ava skipped this form of crawling all together. He can push himself all the way up onto his hands and feet, actually, and can hold it for a couple seconds. I see normal crawling happening within the next month or so.

He is getting a little better at eating solids. We have to be better about making it a regular part of his day. I have tried giving him breakfast a few times and he just isn't all that interested. Dinner seems to work better, but I will try again at lunch today I guess. I think he wants to skip baby food and just go straight to finger food, which I don't mind that much but I need to know that he can swallow without choking. Speaking of food, Friday he got cut off from nursing at night. He still doesn't sleep through the night so we figure if we break his habit of eating at night, he will eventually stop waking up. Last night was the first night we had any real issues. He just was wide awake and mad. He sometimes decides to talk to himself for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and last night he didn't feel like being alone. This has made things interesting with sleeping arrangements since he and Ava share a room. We have considered just turning the den into Ava's bedroom, but that kind of seems silly and I would much rather have a play area for them...besides our livingroom.

Anyway, in addition to trying to get back on track with working out, cleaning, and routines, we have a wedding this week. Thursday and Friday are pretty much all accounted for, as far as time goes. I am definitely looking forward to it but things will be pretty crazy.