Monday, June 8, 2009

doctors, goobers, and baby food

So the laser treatment didn't happen this morning. Ava still had a cough and a fever so it was a no go. Overall it was a much easier "no go" than in the past so that is already a win. Justin was able to go straight to work afterward and was only about half an hour later than normal. We were quite a sight though. Ava coughing and blah with her fever. I got pink eye late last night so my eye was all swollen and red. Ava was still dealing with her pink eye and wasn't gooey anymore but was still a little crusty. I was in an old t-shirt ready to be soaked in goo from her face. Ava was in her pajamas with an interesting hair style to keep all her hair off of her face and neck and Justin was all dressed up and ready for work. We were a gooey, crusty, hot mess.

We have been gradually introducing solids to Rhys. And by gradually, I mean sporadically. He hasn't been the biggest fan. I decided to make him oatmeal instead of rice late last week. I actually just pureed regular oatmeal, so it was a bit chunkier than manufactured rice cereal. He made quite a show of gagging on it and spitting it out. He now seems to love the previously hated rice cereal. He is like oh creamy blandness, how I have missed you. He will be six months old in a little over a week and supposed to be on solids a couple times a day. He really needed to get the whole swallowing thing down so it has taken practice. He really got it down tonight. We also introduced green beans tonight. He was a huge fan. In total he ate about a half cup of food. I got ready for future foods too. I made green beans, peas, and pears. I had made bananas last week but am not rushing them. No need to block up the whole system. I have decided to abandon the ice cube tray method that I used with Ava since I never can get the stupid cubes out. Seriously, how does ice come out?


  1. Impressive stock! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  2. I agree about the ice... Silicon ice cube trays from IKEA, best invention ever!


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