Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I went in the water, I played in the sand, and I went in the water."

The title of this post was Ava's summary of our day today. We went to a pool to test it out (see I could have put a pun in there about waters and all that, but I did not, I resisted). I wanted to see if a) Ava actually liked it and b) if I found it easy enough to handle both of them or if I would want to shoot myself rather than go back. It was a success. Ava had tons of fun. Rhys actually took a nap in the pool while I held him. He hasn't been feeling quite himself the last couple of days and I think that had something to do with the nap, but who knows. It was pretty nice to be in the water. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a pass for the summer. This will be the only year I only need to get a pass for me since they are both 2 and under. Might as well see if I get our money's worth.

I came home and we played and attempted naps and that didn't happen at all. I did manage to fold up the rest of the laundry and got dinner picked out and all that stuff. We did the whole dinner thing and then I had 2 softball games. I am now home from the very hot sticky games and freshly showered. I had plans to do dishes, do some more laundry, pick up, all before bed. I am feeling more like relaxing in the quiet right now. I like to think that I will get it done tomorrow, but tomorrow is either pool or park in the morning, depending on how hot it really is and then home for naps (They will happen!) and I go to work. I probably should end this and go unload the dishwasher.