Monday, December 1, 2008

The countdown until the due date has officially begun. 10 days. Weird. The fact that it is December and that no matter what I will have a December baby is weird. It will come out at some point and it will be in December.

Ava and I have big plans today for making Christmas presents. Tomorrow is the post office to mail bookmooch books that I seriously meant to mail sometime in October. I need to stop accepting to send things because I hate doing it. Meanwhile, I have 15 points to use, which means 15 books. Problem is, the books I want are never available. Nobody even has them listed. After that is the doctor's office, lunch, nap and work. It should be a good time. Other than work and other things on the calendar that is about it for definitely planned out days.

It snowed. I was told when the barometric pressure changes and it snows, I will have the baby. Baby doesn't want to come out apparently.