Monday, December 15, 2008

new furniture

My recliner, which was my favorite place for sitting with Ava when she was a baby, is now broken. It was a good, free recliner when we got it. The bottom has kind of fallen in, and I sit on an angle and the foot rest comes up every time I sit in it. I actually sink in far enough to the seat that the foot rest cuts into my leg. We did some deal hunting and found a great deal on Besides baby furniture and our mattress, this is our first new piece of furniture! We are going to put it downstairs and move the rocking chair upstairs. Justin likes the rocking chair, so now he will just have it upstairs and I will have a recliner up and downstairs. Little by little, (apparently a lot more slowly and little by little than previously thought) we will actually pick stuff out for our house and get furniture that we have chosen. It will be crazy.

By the way, I do love free McCafe Mondays. The free coffees are little, but they are tasty. If the McDonalds by our house would start doing the lattes and stuff I would be pretty happy.