Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 days

We are five days in with two kids. It is definitely an adjustment, but not a bad one. I think Ava is having the hardest time with the whole thing. Her behavior and attitude drastically changes for the better when she is getting some one on one attention. She really loves Rhys and wants him with her so it isn't that bad. She hasn't asked for him to be sent back or anything like that. She actually panics if she thinks he isn't coming with us somewhere. She is just very whiney and wants lots of help with things, in addition to a whole lot of talking back and attitude. She just can't figure out if she is going to be the big girl or the baby. The bobo situation has gotten horrible. Rhys can have his all the time, why can't she? Rhys is another bobo baby, though I think it is funny that we introduce such a thing when we currently have an addict in the house.

We have been busy running around with things. I am looking forward to just being home for a few days. Tomorrow we have a few errands to run, but that isn't bad since we can limit it to what we need and want to do. Rhys has his new baby appointment and we have to pick up a few things. We will see how much weight he has gained back. He only lost 4.8 ounces in the hospital and started eating a ton as soon as he gets home. He eats often but not necessarily a lot, which is why it is so often. I am trying to convince him that 15 minutes is better than 5 and it lasts a lot longer...especially at night.