Wednesday, December 10, 2008

40 weeks #2

I am way less crabby about the baby never coming out. (I was fighting a serious craving for chocolate that we didn't have in the house and it was a big contributor to the crabbiness. We haven't rectified that situation, so it could flair up at any time... psst. new york super fudge chunk.) It still may never come out, but in reality, I am due tomorrow. Labor is when you dilate, so I am just not in labor now. Dilation is no way to predict when you will go into labor. I would much rather walk around at 1 than 3 for weeks, because 3 just gives you lots of false hope. I still can't commit to activities and I still am not going to respond to things like "baby come out yet?" But in the mean time, it is what it is, and we are all just hanging out at home and it is fun. Ava is currently singing into the booger sucker and has given me a callous scraper for my foot to sing into.