Friday, December 26, 2008

post-Christmas post

Christmas is over and we had a good time. Our house might take weeks to recover. We brought all the gifts back with us this year, instead of like in past years having people over to our house. That means we have lots of bags. We don't have an abundance of time, energy or the desire to put stuff away the second we get home. Most of that time has been spent opening up Ava's toys and getting them set up for her. (Can I just say how annoying it is that the My Little Pony playland thingy doesn't work with the regular sized My Little Ponies? Why did I buy her a set of 7 ponies?) We did pretty well getting to where we needed to be and had fun seeing the family. By last night we were all pretty worn out but we will still had a good time. We thought it was too easy to get out of the house last night, but that would be because we forgot all of our gifts at home. We were just working on getting enough diapers, sippy cups, new toys that had to come, and blankets out the door.

We were both up extremely late on Christmas Eve. Rhys slept well, but was still up as needed to eat. I think we got up to open presents around 8:30. Ava seems to love her new dollhouse the most. She has been playing with it non-stop.

We decided that our new recliner is our gift to each other. It is how we are rationalizing it in our heads at least. Our rear window of the van exploded due to the change of temperature on the 23rd so there went the chair money and then some. Woe is us, the employed. It is always nice to complain and then realize that really, there is nothing to complain about. We are fed, housed, and healthy.

I just have to say that all of my siblings are amazing gift givers. Ever since I can remember they have always been able to come up with gifts that are either just what I wanted or something that I need that I didn't even know that I did. This has continued and now has spread to my husband and kids. It is awesome and so appreciated. When I think about how much thought goes into each gift every year it makes me tear up, even non-post partum years.

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