Thursday, December 4, 2008

39 weeks

I am actually 39 weeks today. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and just never got around to writing this.

Nothing has changed. My blood pressure is perfect, gained .8 pounds, not any further dilated or effaced. Baby's heart rate was 146. Justin came with so he got to see Ava hear the baby. She thinks it is funny. No predictions were made about delivery. There really is no way to make them, other than going by when I had my last baby. I was induced 2 days before the due date, so to them, I will probably go up to my due date. Oh, the baby has NOT dropped.

Justin put on his facebook that there was a false alarm. There wasn't. An alarm has to be raised for it to be false. I had to poop. Generally really painful contractions accompany the need to poop or foreshadow it. Apparently there is no room for the poop.