Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picture in my mind

I have these moments, where I wish I could burn the image into my mind and never forget it. They are moments when I fall more in love or just in love all over again with Ava. They are moments that I hope I can remember forever and always be able to replay.

Today we were going out to the car so I could take her to daycare and I could go to work. It was beautiful out so she just had on jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair was crazy, as it is 95 percent of the time, and just blowing around in the breeze. I told her we had to hurry up so I am not late. Usually this makes her slow it down to a snail's pace, but today she felt the need for speed. She said, "Yes, we have to go fast, fast, for mommy's work." and was not really walking all that much faster, but putting her arms into it. She was focused, on a mission, head forward, arms swinging. She had the form of a speed walker, minus the speed. I just was thinking about how old she is getting and what a big girl she is, but as she was swinging her arms, all I could see was her little baby dimples she still has in her elbows. All I could do was give her kisses and hugs and say lots of I love you's. I took advantage of her cuddly mood and got quite a few back on our way into Wanda's.

She had a great day today. She will be happy to find out that her new friend, Barack Obama won, she will be able to see him on tv a lot more. Her obsession with him has continued. This morning she told me about how she and Daddy and Barack Obama had hotdogs and Daddy did a fire, and they had hotdogs...and on and on. I have no idea why she thinks Barack Obama loves hotdogs so much, but she does. She loves to see him on tv, hear him on the radio. I think she thinks he is her friend. I told her we were going to vote today. I told her that I was voting for Barack Obama, and that got her going all over again about her BFF. She kept asking when we were going to see him. Then she kept saying, "We went to vote. Vote for Barack Obama." I was seriously hoping she got shy when I was voting. Last thing I wanted was for my 2 year old to get busted for campaigning in a polling place. The election worker gave her a bag of candy corn, so that distracted her from making any political outbursts.

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  1. Your post reminds me of when I was pregnant with my second child, and I had so many mixed emotions about that one-on-one relationship with my firstborn that was about to change. I almost felt guilt about ending our little "love affair". But the coming days are going to be so sweet, too. You are giving Ava such a great gift of a sibling: a best friend, companion, playmate. So many more great memories to come!


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