Thursday, November 13, 2008

36 weeks and sick

So I have had a cold for over two weeks now. It was an odd cold. Mostly just in the back of my throat and my chest. No real boogers or stuffy nose like with a normal cold. The cough has been driving me nuts and in the last couple days seemed to get worse and I got body aches and chills. I pretty much got fed up of not being able to sleep at all, and was just getting more and more tired, so I called and made an appointment with the doctor. I actually hadn't been to my primary care doctor in about 4 years. I have been that healthy. Weird. I used to get sick all the time, sinus infections and whatnot. (that really does prove something to me about my living environment and whatnot at the time, but whatever) I was thinking maybe i had an ear infection since I could feel pressure in my ears. Either way, I wanted to sleep and it had gone on long enough. The doctor came in and did the standard look in the ears, throat, etc. Listened to my chest and felt my throat. (I was super clammy and sweaty, so I am sure that was a pleasant experience for her.) Anyway, she was like yeah, you have a little pneumonia in your lung. Excellent. That explains the constant soreness in my back and side and why it is hard to sleep if I lay down, why I can't stop coughing, etc. Didn't even think of it as a possibility. So now I am on antibiotics. I am hoping it all clears up before I have to have the baby, because I think a whole delivery with pneumonia would be unpleasant. Plus I still have a lot of cleaning and stuff that I want to get done that I need to have the energy to do. Obviously that is not that big of a deal, but it is very annoying to have "nesting eyes" seeing things to be done everywhere you look, but no energy to get off the couch.

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  1. Offering my free organizational and cleaing skills - I'm off the whole week of Thanksgiving, so pick a day! This Sunday is available, as well as the following Sunday.....! I'm just sayin'...


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