Sunday, November 9, 2008

busy busy

We had a pretty busy weekend. Our weekends usually actually start on Friday, with Justin working from home. I worked Thursday night and the emergency brake light came on again in the van. We decided to take the van in to get fixed Friday morning. Turns out the cap on the master cylinder came off and we were leaking brake fluid. It was a good thing we took it in and turned out to be a very inexpensive repair, which was awesome. Major car repairs are never really in the budget, even though all the money management things say you should set money aside just in case, it doesn't happen. Money is set aside, just not for car repairs.

One of the perks of Justin's job is fun family stuff. He got us tickets to see Madagascar 2. It was Ava's second movie and she was pretty excited. She did better than when we went to see Wall-E, but I think it had to do with the fact that we went int he afternoon instead of at night. She was very excited about her popcorn and ate most of her bag, minus what she spilled on the ground. I think the sequel was funnier than the original. There are going to be some good kids movies out around Christmas so we are planning some good Daddy/Ava outings while he is home on vacation/paternity leave.

Justin fixed my laundry room shelves today. Sort of. Turns out that our studs are way too far apart for the shelves, so we actually need to get wood that is wider to put on the arms for the shelves. We are getting a lot of the things done off the to-do list. I have a lot of errand running to do this week, and that will get quite a few things crossed off.

That is about it for our exciting life right now. Tuesday I go to the doctor for my 36 week check. The doctor might give me a size guess for the baby, not that they were even close to right with Ava. It is the debate...I would love to not be pregnant much longer. On the other hand, we have doctor's appointments and other things planned until right up to the due date and Justin's vacation time planned around it, so it would be nice if the baby didn't come early. How weird that I am actually hoping to not have the baby until the 11th or later. It would be ok if it were the week of Thanksgiving, but earlier in the week, but Justin's vacation would then be weird. Who knows.

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  1. actually, for my vacation time to work out perfectly without having to move around any days at all, baby would come after work on the 9th, or any time on the 10th. naturally, those are the days of the required department offsite meeting, making them not good at all. so, essentially, nothing could possibly work "perfectly". which is exactly as every cliche would have it.


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