Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy November

It is already November, as that is what happens immediately after Halloween. I can't even get into a real countdown about baby #2 until December. November is just a normal month. I do like that you still get to do fall stuff. Pumpkins, spices, smells, all of that good stuff carries over. We have also decided that Christmas stuff is going to have to go up immediately following Thanksgiving or it probably won't happen.

Did I discuss the hanging of shelves? I honestly can't remember. Sorry to repeat. Thursday I decided to hang shelves in our laundry room. I bought these shelves about three years ago and we have had many debates on where to hang them. Pipes in the wall and all that. The intended wall turned out to be a firewall that did not have any studs for me to put the shelves on. I went for the opposite wall. 2nd choice, but it would work. I could only do one set, instead of two but any type of shelving will be helpful for storing cleaning supplies. Our house has lots of walk in closets, but it does not have any storage for regular living stuff. I marked the studs, used the level, all that stuff. Double checked and triple checked before and after drilling the holes that I was in the stud (not that you couldn't tell while drilling) to make sure the shelves won't be falling down. In order to do this, I was climbing up on the washer. I do not have the upper body strength that I used to, not mention the added lower body weight. It was much harder than in my younger days to climb on the washer. Either way, got up and down did all that good stuff. Put on the brackets. Go to put the arms of the shelves on, the end was in sight. I put the brackets on backwards, so there was no room for the arm things to hook on. I didn't have that many more trips up onto the washer in me and at that point I was just pissed. Justin says he will fix the shelves now that I have screwed them up. I really want a place to put our cleaners that is up high. I also would like the shelves out of the hallway. We have a whole list of things to get done pre-baby. I think we are going to just take a weekend and get it all done.

We didn't get U-verse installed on Saturday. Not that we canceled or anything. The signal isn't ready at our house. They are coming to work on it tomorrow. They said the line needs grounded. After they get it all fixed, they are going to call and reschedule an installation time.

Ava had fun on Halloween. (picture will be posted on other blog) She dressed up as a pug. Her costume turned out to be way too small even though based on the label and what size she actually wears, it should have been a little big. She couldn't bend over in it or turn her head. Justin ended up carrying her around trick or treating to make the process go a little faster. She was acting very shy at her first house, but once she figured out that she got candy, she gained confidence and enthusiasm.

I went to a baby expo with some of my family this weekend. I got a bunch of good coupons, samples, and 6 free bottles! I am pretty excited about the bottles, since that is one thing I really wanted to get but just hadn't gotten around to because when you buy more than one bottle you realize how expensive they are. I came this close to getting a 4d ultrasound done. They had a booth where you could have a 15 minute ultrasound for a ridiculously low price (especially when I think of how much I am paying for my 5 minute 2d ultrasound I had done that the insurance isn't paying for.) I debated, since it wasn't really necessary. Justin had seen videos on youtube and thought they were cool. He said I should get one done. I go to sign up and there was a 3 hour wait. I didn't do it. We were pretty much expo'd out at that point, and couldn't see sticking around that long, plus people had to be back by then. They do have a place in Naperville where I could get it done for twice as much as at the expo, but I don't want it that much. (twice as much is still not even a 3rd of what we are already paying for....grrrrr)

I am heading into work in an hour. I am hoping it is a fairly quiet night and that I get a couple hours of sleep in on the "loveseat of death." I am getting off at 4 so I can come home and sleep for about 3 hours before Ava gets up. I don't have anything in the afternoon so hopefully I will get to nap then too. I have a cold that is mostly in my throat and chest which makes sleeping suck even more than it did before. In a way I am sad that I am not going to get a full nights sleep, but at the same time, I rarely sleep for 8 hours straight anyway, so I might as well break it up.