Monday, November 17, 2008

back up

We have internet again!!!!!! Yay!

My cougher is sore. I know there isn't such thing as a "cougher" but all the parts of my body that go into coughing are sore. I can survive without cold medication now, which does tell me that I have definitely turned the corner. Every day it is getting a little better, it is just taking forever, or so it seems.

My friend had her baby Friday. I can't wait to see her. There are things going on with the baby, so I am definitely trying to give her space. I am sure she knows I am there if she needs me, but I always think how I react to things. there is a fine line in being there and supportive and a hassle, an overwhelming presence to have to be dealt with. For all I know, nobody else thinks the way I do, so then I just end up being a turd, but there is thought behind my actions, or lack there of.