Monday, July 23, 2012

Weeds are expensive

I had both kids try on clothes today.  Rhys has outgrown all of his 2t pants.  He has a couple pairs of 3t's that he got for Christmas.  Ava has a whole bin of winter clothes ready to go.  I went through all of her stuff at the beginning of the summer and took inventory so she is ok.   She actually needs less regular clothes because she wears a uniform 5 days a week.  She did try on her uniform pieces from last year.  Not a single shirt fits.  They also aren't in that great of shape.  Things I have learned from last year.  She has to change out of her uniform as soon as she gets home from school.  All of her stains came from dinner or after school snacks.  The shirts are in pretty bad shape.  She has a bunch of skirts that fit.  None of her pants fit.  She can wait on getting those until it starts getting colder.   She has gym shoes that we bought towards the end of the school year.  I would like to find some navy blue school shoes but they definitely aren't necessary.  Socks... I might have to just buy a ton of white socks.  She stains her socks up so badly.  I am going to just start bleaching them from day 1.  

I don't think I have ever had a season where both kids grew so much that they both changed sizes at the same time.  Or maybe they didn't change sizes over the summer.  Both of them have always tended to outgrow a size midwinter.

I was helping in Ava's class at church on Sunday, Ava was standing with her Sunday school class.  All of the kids are her age and she is definitely one of the youngest.  She wasn't the shortest, or even the 2nd shortest.  In school, she was the 2nd smallest in her class.  She has just shot up.  Seeing all the 1st graders who are going to be in 2nd grade was crazy.  They just look so old!  Apparently this year Ava is going to fully turn into a kid and leave all the toddler likeness behind.  I don't know how I feel about that.