Friday, July 6, 2012

I fixed it!

I think I fixed it all!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! 

As I am trying to think of what to say other than, "I fixed it!! Yay!!!"  The theme song from Doogie Houser, M.D. is going through my head.  Here is where I should be typing something thoughtful and profound, but I won't.  I don't have many of those thoughts that I feel like sharing these days.  Moving on.

I made it out to our garden today even though it was actually 100 degrees out.  I gave the plants a good soaking.  I hadn't been out there in over a week so I had no idea what I would find.  For all I knew, everything was dead.  It was far from dead.  It was overrun! Weeds everywhere, knee high and bigger.  I got some pulled out that were easy to seperate.  I am going to have to go back and get down to business in the radish/green onion area.  That section is a mess.  Our lettuce has gone to seed, literally.  It looks like a giant weed.  I wish I had planted the cabbage where the lettuce was planted and vice versa, because Ava's pumpkins are next to the cabbage.  Her pumpkin leaves are huge!  It definitely adds to the whole overgown look.  We have some peas, tomatoes, and peppers that are showing up and growing.  We have a lot of flowers on the cucumbers, but they aren't vining and climbing the trellis like I had planned.  I have to hope that they won't rot on the ground.  We did have one success though.  Rhys' sunflower, though he claims he didn't do anything to it so he didn't contribute to the success.  After a while he did acknowledge that he pulled some weeds from around the flower so it could grow better.  As you can see behind the flower, we have a weed situation. Most of those are actually in the mulch, but still my problem.