Saturday, July 21, 2012

Making the most out of the summer #1

Notice that this post is listed as a #1, like there will be a series.  Wouldn't it be horrible if I never wrote a #2?  Horrible is really too strong of a word.

At the beginning of the summer, we made a list of things we wanted to do this summer. We being, Ava, Rhys, and me.  Due to the insane heat, budgetary constrictions, and Ava's midsummer laser treatment we have been a little restricted.  As I started to feel guilty about the summer being 2/3's of the way over and speeding up every week and not doing anything, I realized that we have gotten do some things.  We worked in our garden, we have played with friends, though not as many as originally hoped. We have gone to quite a few movies since we discovered our cheap theater.  (Rhys actually thinks it is named "Cheap Theater")  We have gone camping, to a beach, to a zoo, and to a couple parks.  We have gone swimming in a pool and had my neice sleepover.  I also have realized that we can't do summer awesome all the time because then I don't get stuff done.  It takes time to maintain the chaos of our house and life. 

Well today we woke and realized it was beautiful out.  Barely 80 degrees and sunny.  We packed a lunch and headed out to Blackberry Farm.  I think I went there once when I was around 5.  I only remember riding the train and people dressed up in period dress.  Rhys and Ava both behaved perfectly.  It was like a lovely vacation from reality.  No arguing or whining.  It was a great day.  If you haven't been to Blackberry Farm, it is kind of like a museum/educational set up to see what life was like in the early 1800's.

While we were on the wagon ride, we stopped off to see the log cabin. Another family got off to look with us.  They appeared to be the grandparents and two little boys.  By the ride back Rhys decided he was now good friends with the younger boy, Max.  He was telling me that he had a new friend and put his hand on Max's back.  I don't think Max was a toucher or a talker.  I am pretty sure this friendship was completely one sided.  Rhys was trying to teach him how to give the thumbs up sign.  Max just stared at him. When we were going our seperate ways, Rhys started to follow Max.  I told him he had to be with us and he got a little upset.  I told him to say good bye.  He yelled "Bye Max!" at least ten times, trying to get Max to acknowledge him.  The grandparents did tell him to say good bye and Rhys was able to go on with his day.

Ava has decided that she wants to learn how to spin yarn with a drop spindle.  She saw the demonstrations and heard that all the kids would learn how to do it around the age of 4.  I might actually indulge her sometime and get her a drop spindle and some wool.  I wouldn't be opposed to messing with it if she decides it isn't as fun as it appears.

Next week is my last week of working during the week.  It should free up more days for summer fun.   I think the last 4 weeks of summer could be great.  I only have a couple outings planned in my head but I am hoping to fit in more playing with friends. We will see how it goes.