Monday, July 2, 2012

At the dentist

Did you hear that title sung in the song from Little Shop of Horrors?  I don't even know if those are the words, so probably not.

Ava and Rhys both had dentist appointments today.  Last summer we were referred to a pediatric dentist that I really, really liked.  Ava had started out going to one when she was 2.  It was a far drive and I didn't really like him.  Then she had just been going to our dentist.  That was fine, but not great.  She had a large cavity, which resulted in our referral to the pediatric dentist.  She really had five cavities and needed a root canal and crown.  He said that if she had been getting x-rays from the beginning she would have never needed the root canal or crown.  They just missed it until it was so big they could see it.  Needless to say, we have stuck with the new pediatric dentist.  Rhys had his first appointment with them today.  He loved it.  He was already comfortable with the office because they let him go back and play while Ava had all of her work done.  Ava and Rhys got their cleanings at the same time which was also nice.

The dentist told me that Rhys' teeth are completely different from Ava's.  I am not sure exactly what he meant by that, other than not rotten?  Neither of them had any cavities today.  He made reference to Ava's teeth being very crowded.  He said it is good that she hasn't lost more than two teeth yet.  He said the longer it takes for her to lose teeth, the more room she will have for adult ones to come in.  He asked about my teeth and whether or not I needed to have any pulled or crowding issues dealt with.  I am sure he is just laying the foundation for future conversations about orthodontia. Rhys was very excited because he got to bring prints of his x-rays home and he got Sponge Bob toothpaste.

In other news, summer is flying by.  I can't believe that it is July already.  I have seven more weeknight shifts and then I am done.  I am changing my hours.  I will only regularly be working the overnights on the weekend and then picking up extra shifts here and there.  I will probably be primarily working the weekends or half shifts at night.  It will be a big change for us schedule wise, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Justin is finally finished with school.  We had a little graduation party for him this weekend.  He isn't walking in a ceremony or anything by choice, so I do wonder when he will get a diploma.  It just seems so unsettled without it.

I am also having some technical difficulties with my layout.  The header was a mess, so deleted my old lay out.  And now I am missing my header so there is a huge blank space.