Thursday, July 5, 2012

HTML woes

So I still have no header on this puppy.  I tried, but I am horrible at HTML and usually just make a bigger mess.  Justin will usually fix it for me but our computer died.  It keeps trying to die its final death and we are not having it.  A new battery is on its way so maybe in a few days he will feel like trying to fix things.  I think I installed commentluv that I was introduced to by everydaymom but I have a feeling it didn't work. 

Ava has a laser treatment coming up on Monday.  I know I scheduled it.  I know I knew it was taking place in July.  I know that I thought it would be better than during the school year, but now I am just irritated that it is right in the middle of summer.  It has been so hot the last couple weeks we have spent a lot of time inside and I think the little people already have a little cabin fever.  I feel like I have used up a lot of my cheap and free indoor options.  I am just going to have to schedule more playdates for the next two weeks I guess.  The cheap theater has a movie out that we haven't seen yet, so that is going to be one activity.  I have a feeling we will get a lot better at uno.  I am considering making some playdough.  I need more options!  We can do some outside time in the second week, as long as she wears a hat, but we can't do any pool stuff. 

Ava had her eye doctor's appointment today.  Her pressures were up to 25 in her left eye, which is not good.  The practice is getting a new pediatric glaucoma specialist so for her next visit in October, Ava will be seeing him and her regular eye doctor.  It will be a long appointment full of pupil dialations and pictures of her optic nerve.  Her current eye doctor always has surgery in the back of his mind.  Her pressures aren't ever good, but her nerves seem to tollerate it.  We have had two surgery consults in the past.  The University of Chicago doctor said no surgery.  He said the same structures that seem to cause the increased pressure also give her nerve increased strength.  The Children's Memorial doctor said surgery, get it on the books, bam bam bam.  Her decision didn't sit right with us. I am sure she knew what she was talking about, but it was very fast and she didn't even check her pressures or get a cooperative Ava to look at.  Her regular eye doctor did some other consulations and we decided to put off surgery at that time.  I guess it is a possibility again.  We will just have to wait and see I guess.  As long as her eye drops work, I would much rather keep up with the drops and avoid surgery.  Eventually she will get big enough that she can try oral medications instead of the drops.  It is all just wait and see I guess.

And to randomly end this post, Rhys "made his hair."  That is all hairspray.  He soaked his hair with the actual hairspray.  It smells nice...