Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We have been slowly introducing the potty to Ava for...oh about a year. I did say slowly. She pretty much doesn't want to go. She knows she needs to and is pretty much physically is ready. She is all caught up in being a baby. Next week she is having a laser treatment so we will be in the house for a week or so. What better to do in the middle of the summer, stuck in the house, than to go full force into potty training???? She has an insanely strong will and has resisted all previous attempts of setting the timer to go every 45 minutes to try. She gets pretty annoyed with that after the 2nd round. Candy as prizes for even trying? She figured out she could go in, pull down her pants and sit there for 30 seconds and say she tried and get a gummy worm. 5 minutes later, repeat. She pretty much just likes diapers. She is going to be 3 in less than a month and so I am over it. Especially when she pulled off her diaper, with poop in it, in the livingroom, carried it to me and said, "I dropped some poop on the carpet. You better go clean it up before Dori eats it." So, we now have rubber pants to go over her training pants. Pull ups are just too cozy. This will at least be uncomfortable. I put her in them this afternoon and tonight she asked Justin for a diaper so she could go pee pee. See, must break the diaper addiction. I figure by Monday, we might have had a few rounds of maybe getting the pee in the potty before dive right in and make that our main focus. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, long battle of wills. I hope that I am stronger and smarter than my almost 3 year old.

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  1. Summer is such a great time to potty train! I just made my kids stay outside most of the time and run around in their underwear. They got tired of peeing on themselves and would sit on the potty (I actually put the little potty outside, too.)

    For my one particularly stubborn child, I started taking things AWAY for every "accident". Once he had about 25 toys on top of the refrigerator, he started getting the point. He would get his own toys BACK when he went on the potty. Sounds mean, I know. But it worked when nothing else did!


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