Friday, July 17, 2009

better late than never

On his 7 month birthday, Rhys has decided that he will, in fact, eat babyfood. He just seemed to want food while he was sitting in his seat eating baby puffs, so I decided to feed him a jar of sweet potatoes. He ate the entire thing, with enthusiasm. He slurped it off the spoon. Apparently he does want to eat baby food, though we know that finger foods are good too. This will at least make it easier to introduce new foods. Maybe he figured out that we aren't always good with being consistnat and if he wants more than puffs and toast with dinner he needs to step it up and eat some babyfood for good flavors. (I do realize how ironic that statement is.) Maybe it was because we haven't tried giving him the dreaded cereal in a few weeks that he forgot to hate it. Either way, he is eating babyfood and now we will both have to remember to feed him regularly. Poor starving chubby baby.