Monday, July 27, 2009

my normal day

This is to remind myself of what I do with my time, if I am ever like whine whine whine. I do nothing with my day, I get nothing accomplished.

My Monday:
Get up at 7am
Feed Rhys.
Ava gets up.
Diapers changed
All of us eat breakfast (nobody eats exactly the same thing)
Wipe the little people down, along with seats and trays.
Get everyone dressed.
Pack pool bag including snacks, bottles, and water.
Drive to the pool.
Cover everyone in sunscreen and play in the pool and sand for about 2 hours.
Get everyone back in the car.
Go home.
Change everybody into clean and dry clothes.
Get lunch started (today was spaghettio's and peaches)
Giant Baby (the 14 month old I babysit 2 afternoons a week, don't worry his mom knows I call him Giant Baby) comes over.
Get Giant Baby set up with snacks in a booster seat and tray.
Everybody eats.
Wipe everything and everyone down again.
Get shoes on lots of feet and more sunscreen.
Spend 10 minutes getting out the door and loaded into the double stroller and Rhys in some sort of baby carrying device.
Go for a 30-40 minute walk.
Come back inside and get ready for quiet time. That is put kids in 3 separate rooms, get 2 cups of water ready, bobo's ready. 3 different white noise things going.

Ahh quiet time, what should I do?
This is where I clean the bathroom.
Then do a load of laundry.
Fold laundry.
Take a shower.
Check email, etc. write this blog (it only takes 5 minutes as evidenced by the horrible spelling, punctuation and complete lack of sentence structure)
Study for my ICDVP test (75 questions based on 1000 pages of material. Must get 90% or better to pass)
After quiet time, it is play with the kids to keep them from killing each other, breaking things, and escaping.
Giant Baby goes home.
Clean up toys that have exploded.
Justin comes home and it is start dinner time.

I forgot to add the 3 more bottles I feed Rhys. The multiple diapers. The failed attempts at Ava going on the potty.

That is my day. Aside from more laundry done and some clean toilets, pretty much it looks like I haven't done anything all day. Yet I am tired, so then I get frustrated. So I can go back and look at this and be like wow, that was a long list of things done today.

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  1. I'm tired just reading that - I used to have that kind of energy....don't ever doubt yourself that you are a good mom and wife - because you are...


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