Thursday, July 30, 2009

don't get your hopes up

Our house will be on the market by Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow is the packing and cleaning marathon to get it all ready to have the realtor come and take pictures and all that. I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up that we will actually be able to sell in this market, but I think it is sort of defeating to do that. If I don't get my hopes up then I lose my motivation to get everything packed up. I need to see the goal line. Justin can see it too now which is excellent.

I think with this market the whole thing is just a little bit more stressful, but I don't really know. I have never sold a house before. It is hard to think of us actually getting a buyer. Then in theory if we do can we find a house in our price range that we want? We can easily get one that will work for right now, but we don't want to find ourselves in the position to want to be looking to move again in a couple years. Which brings us to short sales and foreclosers. And this is where the stress level cranks up a bit. It isn't a fast process. We might have to wait a while for decisions and answers. We might have to fix some things. That means we would need to live somewhere else temporarily if our house sells. How much are we willing to put into repairs after we buy? Where will that money come from? It is obviously getting ahead of ourselves, but at the same time things that Justin and I need to be on the same page on and be prepared about.

In other news, I am taking the kids to Ohio to see my grandparents in August. Cousins from both sides of the family will be in town and we are just going for a couple days. I was willing to go alone, but my sister is going to go with me so I can have a chance to go to the bathroom if need be. We had been planning a weekend trip out there with my brother and his wife and daughter but I think that will end up in the fall. It is much easier to go out there during the week when I don't work during the day, that is for sure.

Does it count as potty training when Ava takes off her own poopy pull up and goes and attempts to wipe? No? I guess it just means she really should just make the decision and give up diapers all ready. At this point, I think she just needs to feel in control of it. She is trying to be a baby again! Talking baby talk, stealing Rhys' bobo. She has the ability and the skills. She just has to decide to. I am not ready to go to negative consequences yet to make this happen and there isn't anything that she is willing to do it for, so for now, we will just wait.

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  1. Yes it does count. That she takes the responsibility for her own poop is a good sign. Soon she will get tired of the pull up routine and she will want the pants. From what I can tell with her, this will be on her time table and when she owns the process.


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