Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't see this very good movie

I went to go see My Sister's Keeper today. I actually had not read the book first so aside from previews I had no idea what the movie was about, how it was supposed to go. I thought it was pretty excellent. Good editing, cinematography, soundtrack (the song from our wedding was featured prominently in the movie, so I may be a little biased), and acting.

Here is the downside of the movie. It is really, really sad. I cried through most of it. Other people in the theater were audibly sobbing. It wasn't that bad for me. So I guess you can go see the movie if you want to have a good cry. Don't go into it thinking, ok I will cry now, because then you won't. Just be open to the cry.

What are your crying movies? I have movies that I cry every time I see them. Terms of Endearment did cause a sob fest when I saw it the first time (with Val in my room during a sleepover, followed up by the sequel that I can't remember the name of. That was a happy night.) but it doesn't get me every time. The following do. I should note that I often don't cry about my life, feelings or real people. I choose to watch movies and tv and cry about fictional characters. On with the list...

Steal Magnolias
Glory (seriously I get so upset i can't stand it)
I Am Sam
Hope Floats
Losing Isaiah


  1. I always cry at sad movies, so I was a little worried about that one. I can't even remember all the movies that have made me cry... so many!

    I did just finish reading, "The Secret Life of Bees"... great book and I cried my eyes out!

  2. I did read the book (My Sister's Keeper) and cried reading it. I have Glory on my list of movies to see. Glad to have the warning so I know not to watch in when I'm in the mood for something upbeat.

  3. I was bowling multiple times at Up. That was the most recent one.

  4. BAWLING. Typing in the dark in the early morning = bad.


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