Tuesday, May 26, 2009

its raining, its pouring

So today had some down moments. Just general frustrations with stuff in the house, specifically technology. Rhys was having a day. He wasn't feeling so hot and was crabby and needy but in general unsure of what that need is exactly. We were trying to have fun, it was just kind of difficult. It also rained pretty much all afternoon so that killed any plans for just going for a walk or to the park, which is a good stand by.

I was treated to a little down time this afternoon by both children sleeping at the same time. It rarely happens and I honestly didn't even try. I finally got itunes on my laptop but then was having issues with getting stuff off my ipod. Everything we had ripped is now MIA in hard drive lala land on our dead computer. This isn't as big of a frustration to me as it would have been if my car ipod player thing hadn't died a couple months ago. As soon as I fell completely in love with it, it decided to actually fall to pieces in my car. Devastating. So I decided I would be happy if I got to listen to a book while I folded laundry during quiet time. I would be getting two things done at once. Our library lets me download books now. Too bad the books I wanted weren't in ipod format. More cursing at stupid ipods. (Now I have a tiny little mp3 player from walmart just for my books so that is settled.) I ended up burning one section of the book to a cd and then ripping it to itunes so I could listen to it while I cleaned the bathroom. I actually do like cleaning the bathroom because you can see the clear difference between clean and not clean. It is just so much fresher and nice clean. This took me to my happy place.

Ava and Rhys woke up from their naps and were ready for action, so Ava and I decided to make cookies. We used my standing mixer and it was awesomely easy. Dinner was lovely mac and cheese with hotdogs. Only the finest in this house.

While in walmart to get the mp3 player and other things, like milk and eggs and toilet bowl cleaner, it started to pour again. I left while it wasn't raining as bad but I was still dropping bags all over the place and was completely soaked. It was that excellent hard, warm rain without a lot of wind. So I decided to just run into the house and get Ava. We spent the next 20 minutes or so running around outside and jumping in puddles. It was excellent. I loved playing in the rain when I was younger, and still do actually, so I am glad that she was so into it.

So I think in her mind the fun happened. I don't think she ever knew that I was in a bad mood and mad at technology. She just knows that we made cookies, had her favorite dinner, and played in puddles.