Sunday, May 17, 2009

been a while

So its been a while...what have I, we, the family, been up to? Doesn't seem like a whole lot, but we have definitely been busy.

In the last week Ava and I got all of our seeds in the ground. We definitely do not have an organized garden at all. I will be lucky if I remember what we planted where, and I doubt it will all be successful. Lets just say there will have to be a future post titled "the raspberry stick" and leave it at that. Ava emptied out an entire packet of pea seeds into the dirt mound that had been prepared for some pumpkins. The peas that I have planted have been exposed due to the crazy rains we have had this weekend. I am going to have to re-cover them and see if it will salvage any of them.

Rhys has been practicing his rolling. He typically goes to sleep on his stomach and now has figured out that he can fight nap/bed time by flipping back over. He has started saying da da da. He hasn't quite mastered swallowing his solid food vs. pushing it all out with his tongue. Usually halfway through the feeding he figures it out. I don't feel any real commitment to feeding him cereal every day because he hasn't crossed the six month mark yet. One month left and then I will have to worry more about actually "feeding" him. It is so much easier when the food actually travels with me and is always ready to go.

I started softball this week. A few years ago I played and had fun, and this year I am back at it. I am just as rusty and a little slower. I think it is funny to say I am rusty because in reality, I might actually be at the exact same skill level as when I stopped playing (though I know I was better at judging a ball and catching then) since I was 12. I am so glad I am playing though all the soreness makes me feel old. We have had two games so far and are 1 and 1. This actually is good for just about any softball team I have ever played with. Maybe it is me....

I worked pretty much double my normal amount of hours this week and was actually offered another shift that would have put me at 40 hours. I didn't take it. We finally got everything fixed on the van this weekend, so I am starting to think that maybe I should have sucked it up and taken it. Remind me of this moment in December when I am like where did all our money go...

The house is a little crazy right now. This is to be expected. Combine me working a lot, Justin in a class, and Ava being Ava and it equals disaster at home. All of our laundry is clean and we have less than one load of dirty dishes so I will take that as a win.

I met a woman on facebook who's daughter is a little younger than Ava. Her daughter has a portwine birthmark (It is no longer called a stain, to take away the negative connotation of a stain.) and Sturge-Weber type glaucoma. We have done a lot of talking. In comparing notes and numbers, I counted things up. Ava has been under general anesthesia approximately 25 times. She has had about 11 full laser treatments. We are actually changing dermatologists and have a consultation in a couple weeks. We just think that our original derm doesn't have the machine that Ava needs. She has pretty much said as much. We are often asked if Ava is still having treatments. She will ALWAYS be having treatments. Once we get it as clear as it will get, she will continue to get treatments for maintenance. It keeps the tissues from stretching, the vessels from re-growing, more or less keeping it where we had it.

That is about it for now. Ava is tired. I have to watch the season finale of Survivor so I know who wins before seeing it on the news....because the winner of Survivor is news.