Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

We had a busy weekend, but somehow it didn't seem that busy. We kind of only had one thing a day, all of which felt pretty relaxed. It was excellent. Today was the only crappy weather day which was also nice.

The weekend did start out a little crazy. Ava woke us up early Saturday, asking me to kiss her booboo on her finger. I did and she went on to watch tv (Justin must have turned the tv on for her earlier). She came back and asked me to clean the booger off her finger. I handed her a towel and off she went. She was back a few minutes later talking about her finger. I couldn't get a good look because I was feeding Rhys, so I sent her to Daddy's side. Turns out it wasn't a booger. It was a pustule. A bubble of puss. There was a second red raised circle and her finger was a little swollen and red in general. There was a little dot in the middle of the circles so we assumed it was a bug bite of some sort since the morning before she had jumped back when she grabbed her boot, as if she had been bit by something. I called the Dr's office when it opened and the nurse said the doctor definitely wanted to see her. The doctor didn't think it was a bug bite but we couldn't really figure out what it was. She wanted to culture the puss, so after a failed attempt at just poking and popping it, she lanced it with a blade. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An hour of screaming followed that little episode. She was crying with her eyes shut and saying that she was tired. She really did eventually cry herself to sleep. We were told to put neosporin on it and keep it covered. Three days later the puss bubble is bigger and not gone. We will be calling again tomorrow.

Rhys can sit up, well mostly on his own. He prefers standing to pretty much anything, so we don't work on it that often. Today I had him sit on the ground to play with toys and he didn't wobble over. He kept starting to go and would catch himself and go back up. If he doesn't get too excited or distracted he can definitely do it.

I have also decided that we need to take way more pictures of Rhys and Ava. I just haven't been too into taking pictures and I think I will miss them in the end. I shouldn't be worried about all the crap in the background, and just take the picture.