Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I ordered diapers from Amazon.com last week. I have been on a mission to find size 3 overnight diapers for Rhys. Most stores start carrying them in size 4, so I was ordering some books I wanted from Amazon and decided to look for the diapers. I got them at a pretty normal price and got free shipping. I am apparently a prime member so get free shipping on a lot of things. I am now kind of obsessed with looking to see what other random things I can buy from amazon and get free shipping. I have always gotten books from them, and the last couple of years got a lot of Christmas gifts. Amazon must be confused. I keep pretend shopping. I put it in my "cart" and then delete it all.

In that order of books, I got Kid Favorites Made Healthy. This was recommended to me by Justin's cousin. I am pretty happy with the recipes and am feeling pretty inspired to make some good healthy snacks for Ava. I bagged up a bunch of her normal snacks this morning. Ava rarely will sit and eat regular meals, which is fine with me, but I don't want her always having junk stuff. I am trying to eliminate fruit snacks all together because there really is nothing good about them. If she had her choice, she would eat bagged cereal (captain crunch with crunch berries or lucky charms, both aren't really healthy), goldfish crackers, swiss cheese sticks and prunes all day long. She would then have meals of fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and sometimes corn or peas. Anyway, I am on a mission to make her snacking more nutrient dense. I also want them packed and ready to go for all of my impromptu trips to the zoo this summer...


  1. that is... MOZARELLA cheese sticks. i dont think she would eat swiss. regular string cheese is what she likes.

    she would also eat hard boiled eggs all day, and will usually eat broccoli.

  2. This is a good site for recipes for kids (I guess more for meals than snacks...) :)


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