Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The time has come

Yes Isla is three weeks old today, but I have other kids and other things on my mind. Lots of other things. I wonder how random this will get? I guess we will see how long my thumb holds out. I am posting from my phone while nursing. It is a talent. 

Anyway, the last few years ava has had some issues with focusing in school. I did too, so did Justin so this isn't a real shock. So far it hasn't really been a problem and she can work around it. Her teacher has already mentioned it this year and we have noticed it getting in the way of homework. It is hard to know what the cause is. Is it her not wanting to do the work? Is it too much noise in the house? Is it an actual problem?  So the first step we are going to take, I think, is a specific diet. I have heard it helps. I have also hurt it is a load of crap. More or less it is cutting out fake stuff. I don't think it can hurt anything to try.  Anybody have any experience with this? 

Thumb is done. More later. It is season premier week and I haven't watched anything because I am totally hooked onScandal on Netflix. What does that say?