Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last post continued

My random thoughts while Ava does her homework. 

I have completely given up on the blanket I have started twice and started a new project. It is fall colored and will be awesome. I am just knitting at the pace of a snail. 

Isla is already 3 weeks old. I am loving this baby stage. Maybe it is because I know how short it is. Maybe she is so easy. She does cry but not often. She is just sweet and cuddly. She pukes a lot and likes me to hold her. I go back to work in a month. I will probably ease back in the week before with doing work at home so it isn't a huge shock to my routine. I am lucky enough to be able to not go back full time during the day. I will only be in the office one day a week but even that seems like a lot right now. 

Rhys started dance class this past weekend. He is supposed to be in hip hop but it turned out to be hip hop and beyond, which is all dance forms. First class was not anything remotely hip hop like. He is the only boy and clearly the oldest. I don't think he expected to be dancing to the little mermaid. He participated except for when he was supposed to dance alone. He looked embarrassed a lot. He said it was fun but he has also said he doesn't want to go back. There is an all boys hip hop class but he is too young by a couple months and they wouldn't let him in. I'm hoping he wants to continue next session when it can be more of what he wants To do. 

Random picture of Rhys at the back to school bash last weekend.