Thursday, September 11, 2014

Newborn cloth #1.

We have decided to go with cloth diapers and so far so good. We used th free disposables from the hospital the first couple days and then switched over. The only tricky parts have been figuring out which ones have small enough leg holes and would stay away from the umbilical cord. Her cord fell off yesterday so that has freed up some options. I got a few varieties of diapers for a variety of fit and to see which styles I like in the bigger sizes.  We have had one minor poop leak due to a loose leg hole, but honestly it would have been way worse in a disposable. We have also had a couple pee leaks, but they seem to be because the diaper was overly wet. We haven't quite figured out just how long we can go between changes. Anyway, here are some very high quality pictures to show fit.
Bumgenius all in one newborn. Super easy to put on, couldn't wear with the cord, doesn't hold a lot of pee. She is 8lbs 1 oz here.

Imagine newborn all in one. So far one of the best fits. 

Nicky's bamboo all in one. Good fit. Very trim feeling. She was 7lbs 12 oz. here.

Fuzzibunz xs. Still too big in the legs. They will fit for a while though once she bulks up. 7lbs 12 oz here.