Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hair, etc.

We have been asked a lot if the other kids had as much hair as Isla. None of them were bald, that is for sure. Ava had a lot of hair and didn't lose any. Rhys lost what little he had on top, but kept it all in back. He had quite the mullet for a while. Isla has the thickest for sure. 

Isla had her pictures done today by my friend Rachel ( and I can't wait to see them. Ava missed out on one of these photo sessions. She was even before Bella Baby in the hospitals. Rhys had his done by my friend Terra ( after church on his first Sunday too. I am looking forward to get to compare them all around the same age. 

Rhys has always been one to try to get the attention if Ava was getting it. Now with Isla here, the attention seeking behaviors have definitely increased. I understand why they are happening. It has been an adjustment for him for sure. He is starting school full time and has to adjust to not being the baby and someone else getting all the attention. Part of it makes me sad. I don't know what he is really feeling, if he even realizes that he is acting out. Part of me is annoyed at the constant noise and disobeying.  Ava is definitely taking part in seeing what happens if she ignores me. They both are pushing boundaries. But the rest of the time they are being amazing. They try to be helpful. They want to love on Isla. They love to pick out clothes and help change her. Feeding a can be a family event. They talk to her, hold her hand, tickle her feet. It makes for one crowded me, but I am not knocking it.