Saturday, October 31, 2009

week 1

I think I have successfully completed week 1 of my first graduate level class. Sunday I started Organizational Leadership and Management. I have read all of my chapters, participated fully in online discussions and even did one of the assesment thingies for one of my two papers due next week. I am definitely trying to stay ahead of things since I can now easily see how hard it will be to catch up if I fall behind. Hopefully we don't all come down with the plague at our house anytime soon.

Ava is fighting off something. She has a fever but other than that seems fine. I am pretty much just letting the fever do its job and giving her lots of water and juice, and encouraging naps and watching movies on the couch. I hate how much tv she watched today, but it is the only way to get her to sit still. The fact that it hasn't progressed to anything else, tells me it isn't the flu. It is just a bug of sorts. Practically everyone I know is sick with something so this is not at all surprising.

I have been having the feeling lately like I forgot to put things on the calendar. I keep thinking there is a ton of stuff in November that I should have down and I just don't. Any of you expect me to be somewhere sometime? Last week I had put a note in my calendar but didn't fill in what. It was like "appointment 9am" I had no idea where I was supposed to be and could just vaguely remember saying, "yes, that should work." No idea who I said that to. A week later it now comes to me. At least the plans were tentative, so they were in fact real, just not set in stone. Oops!

Since I like to avoid things that I don't enjoy doing, like cleaning my house, I have been keeping myself pretty busy. I am almost done crocheting a hat for Justin. Sizing hats is hard. Maybe just for me, but it is. This could have something to do with the fact that I have never done a gage swatch or blocked anything. I am going to knit myself a cardigan next. I just have to go get some yarn. I have the pattern all picked out. I should work on making a gage swatch for that, shouldn't I? Then I would have to learn how to count my gage and that just is all sorts of complicated. Interesting factoid. Aside from the first project ever, a blanket, I have never made anything for myself and even that blanket was just more of a household blanket than something just for me. I don't even know where that blanket is. Ok, that really wasn't that interesting of a factoid.

I have also been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. They are horrible but I just can't stop. I did stop for a while. I got through one, got the second one, and got through half of it before I decided it was just not getting any better and stopped. I read about three other books, and then got bored. I went back to #2 and finished it. I was then embarressed that I had read two crappy books. So a few books later, I got the third because I was bored and couldn't think of anything else to get. I wanted easy reading. I sure got it because fine literature, these books are not. I am now on book 6. I guess this is only embarressing IF you actually read the book to realize what crap it is, but then you are reading the crap too so there!

Blog people out there: What is blogfrog and why do I get emails from them? I skim them and it talks about increasing readership and topics and what you should talk about and how to build an audience. That is just too much pressure for my own rambling drivil. Look at this post. Do I actually have anything to say????? Blogfrog, I don't know what you are trying to sell, but you are barking up the wrong tree. I don't even have a cool layout for crying out loud.

Coming soon:
Rhys' greedy laugh.
Digital scrapbooking, me???