Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here is an email I got earlier this week from Justin.

ava this morning: "daddy you need to spray pepes poop!" me: "i dont smell anything, i dont think he pooped." ava: "he did! you need to spray it! its stinky!"

all morning: "daddy i dont like this stinky drink! I need a new one!" me: "ava, its water in a clean cup. its not stinky." "it is! its stinky! i dont want it!"

2 minutes ago, whining/crying: "daddy, i dont want this stinky drink!" me: "ava, maybe its your breath that stinks." her: "no, its my drink!"

after brushing her teeth: "ava, is your drink still stinky?" her: "it isnt!"


The other night driving home, Ava had a great goal if driving into the sunset. She kept telling me to get closer to the yellow. I told her we actually couldn't unless we were flying in an airplane because the sun stays the same distance from the earth all the time, so it only looks like we could get closer. Her solution was to "get rid of the wheels on the car and put some sharp things on it (wings) and we can fly to the yellow on bacation. Oooh we should do it on Daddy's little car, it will be better."


Ava has now learned to always sit in the grocery cart. She flipped out and landed on her head. She was fine and just has a bruise, but I doubt that it was enjoyable. I think she has a higher pain tolerance than I do. She stopped crying in about a minute.


Rhys is getting really brave with his walking. He still looks funny walking because he is about as tall as the average 6 month old. He is also obsessed with cell phones. He just tucks it by his ear or under his arm and walks around like a very old, drunk person, randomly saying "hiiiiiiii".


I have been a little concerned about how Rhys will learn to use silverware while eating. He skipped baby food so he isn't used to being fed with a spoon. We didn't teach Ava how to do it, she learned at daycare, so I don't even have the experience to rely on. Yesterday he was playing with a tea set. He held a cup and a little spoon and was pretending to scoop stuff out of the cup with the spoon and put it in his mouth. Apparently I don't have anything to worry about, at least with pretend food.