Thursday, October 22, 2009

hello my name is:

I was going to make this post all cool and have pictures to go along with the introductions I am about to make, but I just don't have it in my right now. Maybe I will do it tomorrow.

So we have some new characters in our house. It is probably important to know the cast if you are ever over. We have the old regulars: Nina and Calvin. We then got Baby Sister. She was the doll Ava got when Rhys was born. Then for Christmas Ava got another doll from my grandparents. This is currently her favorite. His/her name is Jesus. He kind of smells like men's cologne, so Ava will say things like, "Hmmmm, this kind of smells like Jesus." She will also say, "Where is Jesus?" "Oh! Jesus pooped!" She has quite a few My Little Ponies. She has decided on pink one is called Popping Style. Someone is named Fred, but I haven't figured out which doll.

She talks about Jack constantly. I figured out the other day that Jack isn't real, at all. Jack is her imaginary friend. She has told me that Jack is a baby but he was born before she was. He is very silly and does lots of crazy things. She said he is pink like her, and gets purple spots sometimes. He has hair like Rhys. She asked if she can wear her favorite shirt. Justin asked which shirt was her favorite. She responded with, "The one Jack was wearing." That wasn't very helpful.

Last night she introduced her feet (I have mentioned that she talks to her feet in the car and bathtub in the past) to my mom. They are Jacob and Nathan. Funny that we had neighbors with those names when I was growing up. You know she is having a good conversation with her feet in the car if she has taken her shoes and socks off while we are driving.

I will be interested to see if Fred turns out to be another imaginary friend or not. It will be very hard to tell Fred and Jack apart, that is for sure.