Monday, October 5, 2009


October is booking up. I have to work on getting the Halloween costumes figured out. I like it that I say I have to, but the only weekend day in October that doesn't have something planned is Halloween.

Pepe and Tequi hate each other. Our days are filled with constant growling and wrestling. Pepe just inhaled a chunk of food in attempts to chase Tequi away from the food. Tequi yells and growls, Pepe chases and torments. It is noisy. Pepe also thinks that he can jump as far as he wants. He sometimes tries to go from the back of a kitchen chair to the table. He doesn't make it and wacks his head on the table and flips around as he falls. He does not always land on his feet. He is also obsessed with food. He eats anything he can find, including saran wrap with foot on it. I never said he was smart.

The plague seems to have gone away for now. Crabbiness and the need for extra sleep is still there, but not as much. Fever is gone so we are free to go into the world again. So of course, we will go to the gym and the land of germs. I want to do latin impact class.

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  1. Hope is the same way! She loves food, not very sturdy on her feet, and also chases and corners Lina. Sometimes Thai steps in and starts picking on Hope as if he were saying, "How do you like it?" It's funny how he gets protective of Lina. It's definitely gotten better since we moved into the house though so they have more space. Maybe they just need a little more time to get used to each other. Although, here we are almost 3 years later and they still get into it.


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