Monday, February 23, 2009

adventures in not babysitting

Last night our small group was canceled due to random children being sick.  We had a ladies night out instead.  We went out to eat and then all split up.  T. and I went on a mission to go get pierced.  Funny thing about living in the suburbs, a lot of piercing and tattoo places close shockingly early on a Friday night.  So we knew of one place that closed at ten.  We thought we were totally going to make it on time.  B. called and wanted to watch so she was following a few minutes behind us.  We could not find the place at all.  B. ended up beating us there and we got there at 9:50.  B. was intrigued by the apparently 60 year old ex-hippie woman with two lip rings, a nose ring and a barbell in the bridge of her nose.  I think B. was really leaning towards getting the bridge of her nose done.  We were trying to get B. to get her ears double pierced, but it was a no go.  The piercer had just left.  Plans ruined, because by this point, there were a couple other places that said they closed at 10, but we wouldn't make it.  We decided to go find a place to just sit and talk.  As we were driving I see another tattoo place with its lights on and people going in.   We did a u-turn in a  parking lot and went back in.  It was a tiny little place packed with 19 year old angst.   I felt old and was really glad that I didn't drive, so we at least didn't pull up in the minivan. 

You are supposed to look for a clean place to get any piercing and tattoos done.  I don't think I would go there for a tattoo, even though the ones that were being completed looked nice.  The displace case was a little worse for wear.  We get into the piercing room, and we are supposed to sit on a halfway broken looking weight bench.  Either way, the work station looked clean and everything came out of sterile packaging.  New gloves all that good stuff.  Our piercer was a guy named Kris.  It was hard to tell his age, but I am guessing he was actually right around my age or a little older.  It was funny, he definitely had the man, I am a badass piercer guy persona going on, but then T. said she was a little nervous and he was talking about how many kids she had, etc.  All to make his client comfortable.  I thought he was very friendly and professional.  T. was called sweetpea and I was just sweetie... :( I wanted to be sweetpea.  Just kidding.  As he said, he was ninja fast.  He was.  Super fast.  Barely any pain.  My eyes didn't even tear up.  I honestly think it hurt about as much as getting a flu shot.  That isn't a whole lot.

Oh, I got my nose pierced.  T. got her cartilage done.

Here is my nose.  (Have you ever noticed how weird your own nose looks to you from the side?)