Sunday, February 8, 2009

while i have battery left

I was working on something in my room on the computer and I have a little bit of battery left, so I thought I would give an update on our hum drum life.

Rhys slept until 4am in his carseat last night. Too bad i didn't fall asleep until 1. So much wasted sleep time! Saturday morning we "slept" until 10. I was up off and on from about 6, but either way, that is when Ava got us out of bed. I guess I just wasn't that tired last night.

I finished the Twilight series. Still like it.

Rhys has been working very hard at getting his thumb in his mouth. He can figure out how to extend his fingers but just can't keep them that way to get them in his mouth.

Ava starts dance class tomorrow and is very excited.

The cat pee smell that apparently only I can smell is motivating me to hire someone for real this time, to clean our carpets downstairs. I am going to bed tonight kind of excited that it is mostly clean downstairs. woowhoo.

Rhys has ended this post.