Monday, February 2, 2009

i had goals once

Prior to the plague hitting our house, I had goals. Really I did. I was doing a good job for like a day or two. I had a check off chart of things to get done in our house. I had a blanket I wanted to finish in the next 2 weeks. I had a study I wanted to do the daily homework for. I had weight I wanted to lose.

I did lose the weight, though it may all be water. FYI, stomach bugs with fever = dehydration = not good for your milk supply. I powered through thanks to the pump, though that ends up not good for the dehydration. Oh so dizzy.

I got through 2/5 days of the homework. All five to be finished today, in theory.

Blanket hasn't been touched in 5 days.

The chart is cold and lonely on the fridge.

My house is a disaster...though bonus, we have kept up on the puke/poop laundry, well cleaning it. Dishes are mostly all done. Christmas tree is down and I did clean out my fridge and freezer. Fully cleaned it, like took out the shelves and washed them. That was right before the plague officially hit me and Ava. Post Rhys, during Justin. (Confession: the ornaments aren't in their boxes, or any boxes for that matter. I just grabbed a gift back and worked from the bottom of the tree up. They are now in that bag in their rubbermaid bin. I will curse my self next year, but that is for next year.)

Oh, I also had a goal to get ALL of my Christmas/New Years/baby announcement cards out before the end of January. (seriously $.43 a stamp?) I have been mailing as I finish, so I don't lose them. Didn't happen.

I did, however, DESTROY the grocery shopping for the month, thanks to my SIL Diana. She sent me her meal plan and grocery list after shopping the sales ads. I went through it, adapted, and went to the store. She went to 4, poor thing, I went to 1, though not my normal store at all. After $81 in savings, I spent $191 on our groceries for the month (minus milk and some staples that we just don't have room to store, so add on...$20 more dollars here and there.)

I also got Ava her ballet clothes. Hopefully they fit. Size XS is not very specific.

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  1. Hang in there, girl! The illness sounds horrible! At least it's a good excuse to get NOTHING done!


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