Friday, February 20, 2009

2 months

Rhys had his 2 month check up yesterday. He is totally healthy which is such a blessing. He weighs 11 pounds, 6 ounces. He is 23 inches long. His head is 40.5 cm around. 40th, 48th, and 78th percentiles respectively. He is running bigger than Ava was. I will have to look Ava's up. I could have sworn it was on the blog somewhere, but I can't find it.

Rhys is still not even close to sleeping through the night. I don't think Ava really did until 4 or 5 months so I don't know why I am surprised. I just for some reason see him as older. Maybe because there is already another new baby in the family. I became an aunt for the first time last weekend. Now Rhys is the big baby. A little less than two months apart and starting out at pretty close to the same size. I am sure in a year you won't be able to tell who is older.

My friends baby is very sick. I really just don't feel right about writing all of Rhys' milestones right now. Got the numbers down that I will forget. I will write more later about the day to day.

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  1. Post his milestones. REjoicing for your baby in no way detracts from worrying about mine. Life has ups and life has downs and you have to take them both together.
    Praise GOD that he is a happy healthy thriving baby! Share it with the world!


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