Monday, February 9, 2009


This is why I get nothing real done. It is 8:30, both Ava and Rhys are asleep in bed and the swing, respectively. I have about ten things I could do, including watching tv that isn't on Disney or Noggin. Instead, I choose to post.

Ava had her first dance class today. She was so excited, so she claims, that she couldn't take a nap. It got to the point where I was going to have to wake her up in less than 20 minutes to get her ready which would not have been a pleasant experience, so I just let her get out of bed. She of course fell asleep with in the car 20 minutes before class started. She was a little hesitant at first, but I can understand it. The waiting room is tiny and it was packed with parents and little kids. I think for future classes I might end up just waiting in the car, heading down to the dollar store, etc. She was one of 5 kids in her class (Though 1 of them moved to the bigger kid class halfway through. She turns 3 next month and can't start with the lowly 2 year olds.) including one little boy. She is the ONLY kid out of the original 5 who has hair that can even begin to be put in a pony tail. I was worried about not putting her bangs back with clips. I no longer have that worry.

The class started out with coloring, to get all the kids settled in. A couple were having some major separation anxiety. Ava just stood there staring at everybody for a while. No tears so that was good. She was the first one to cave in and go color with the teacher. The little boy never made it that far. He spent the class on his mom's lap and cried every time she tried to get him to do anything. Halfway through the class they tried to go do something at the bar. The little boys screaming ended that because he made another girl cry. The ended up doing ring around the rosie a few times. Then more coloring. They did dance around the last 7 minutes or so, after I stopped watching. I am hoping next week there will be more dancing. The teacher was new and I am not sure she knew what to do with the screaming kid or his mom. Ava said she had fun. She said her friends don't have names, they are just friends. They haven't gotten to that level yet I guess.