Sunday, August 3, 2008

same old, same old

We are already into August.  It is now regularly 90 degrees outside, so we have stayed inside way more often than I would have thought towards the beginning of the summer.  I think if we had our own back yard where Ava could have toys out there all the time, she would definitely be outside more.  Maybe next year, who knows.  I prefer fall so much more than summer, that I am looking forward to August being over, or at least the August weather.  We do all seem to have August colds which is kind of weird.  Those can go too.

This weekend we got to see the proofs of Ava's 2 year pictures.  I am in love with them.  I am going to have a horrible time deciding what to get.  I have always imagined having a photographer follow us around just doing normal-ish things so we could get cool pictures, like the famous people and that is essentially what happened.  They really got Ava as she is right now.  It is awesome.

Justin and I both got new cell phones today.  I have been able to get an upgrade for 6 months now.  I was holding out for him to qualify for the full upgrade.  I would just rather us be able to get them at the same time because it saves any confusion later.  His phone was essentially dying, so we just went ahead and did it now.  I was very tempted to get sprint's equivalent to the iphone, but I really thought it would just be indulgent and more phone than I really needed. 

Ava has made definite improvements in the last month or so in the church nursery.  She will finally stay the whole time without crying.  She actually walked in by herself today.  She gets excited to go, which is a very good thing.  I think she will do even better when she moves up to the 2's in September.  She likes their toys better. 

I am off to take cold medicine and go to bed.  Hopefully Ava will sleep in tomorrow fairly late and it can be a good start to a good week.