Tuesday, July 29, 2008

almost 2

I haven't updated in a while.  Ava turns 2 in a week.  I was just looking at some old pictures and she is getting so so big.  I am sure I won't do the Ava post around her birthday, so I will start now and hopefully do a big one around her birthday.  Ahhh the best intentions.  I suck at follow through. 

Anyway, Ava can tell emotions.  She always tells us if people are sad, excited, happy.  She thinks everything is funny.  She sees something and says, "That's funny."  Usually it isn't.  Sometimes she is checking with us to see if really is funny.  She can count to 14, and then starts over at 1.  Her favorite number is 6.  I think she just likes to say it.  She recognizes some letters.  A, H, N.  She knows all of her colors.  She pretty much can say just about anything.  Most days are full of regular conversation.  When she gets really excited it is hard to understand or when she thinks she is on the phone.  She just goes too fast.  She has started to mumble/whisper to tell me things that she wants when she thinks the answer will be no.  I think she just figures I will say ok, whatever, if I can't understand her.  She loves to read books and often sits there reading them outloud to herself.  She remembers what the stories are about and says some of the right words. 

Things she said today.

I was brushing her hair and said, "Oh! Your hair is so beautiful."  She said, "Yeah! I love it.  Daddy likes it too."

I asked her to bring me my phone because it was ringing.  She said, "No.  I no feel like talking."

Ok, hopefully I will do the sappy stuff next week.  I have often said that certain posts were just for me.  When I started my original blog (that I am really sad that I don't have, so if anyone knows anybody at blogger who would want to undelete a year of posts, let me know) my intention would be that Ava and future kids would have it to look back on when they were older.  They would be able to read about their day to day activities and my thoughts about them at each stage of the game.  I know that I often post because I know that people read it.  It is like having a paper due.  Knowing that others are out there reading it makes me stay on top of things.  On the other hand, I sometimes think that having others out there makes me censor myself.  I am not always one for putting my feelings out there.