Saturday, July 5, 2008

I can grow food!

So this bright sun and lack of rain has been killing my flowers.  I got quite a few to bloom, but it had been raining so frequently that I hadn't need to water them.  Now I have to remember to water every day and it doesn't happen.  Ava has been helping out in the back yard with our plants.  She dumps water on them from her water table.  It also helps that the hose is out back, when it comes to me watering them.  I now have quite a few little green tomatoes, tons of blossoms for my cucumber plant and a bunch for my one pepper plant that hasn't been eaten by rabbits or destroyed in storms.  I have set up little trellises for the cucumber plant, but it doesn't want to grow up them.  It wants to hang off the side of the pot, which means it wants to be eaten by rabbits.  I wonder if it knows that I question the trellis's ability to support the cucumbers....

Ava had fun yesterday for the 4th.  I think watching a drive way light show helped her not be afraid of the fireworks, since a few weeks ago at the Cougar's game, she decided she didn't like them at all.  She did fall asleep during the main show and slept through the finale.  We are heading out today to a water park with my brother and his wife.  We will see if she likes it.